Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well Joshy did it again. He ran the most laps out of all the elementary school PE classes K-2nd. We do this thing called walk across AZ and the teacher counts up how many laps each child (and parent) does and adds them all together to see if we accumulated enough miles to "walk across the state of AZ". Josh ran 3 1/3 miles today in under 30 minutes (she doesn't keep the exact time). He just keeps going and going. He set the record last year as well, but he blew his record away today. I hope this is a good sign that he'll be a strong runner in the future. I guess we will see.

Since I'm using this as a kind of journal lately I need to add that the boys bench pressed this weekend up at the Berges' house. Josh benched 50lbs, Nick did 55lbs barely, and Nathan did 85lbs. " 90" he said.

Lauren spent the weekend in Thatcher helping cater a wedding with Sarah Owens our neighbor. She had a nice time, but worked hard making all sorts of appetizers and serving guests for two days.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here are some of Bill's office logo possibilities. Any comments are always appreciated and will be considered, but all final decisions are ultimately up to the Big Dog. (That probably goes without saying.)