Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nick is playing football this year. This is him running through the end zone scoring a touchdown. Yes I'm about to brag....of the four touchdowns scored in the first two games this year guess how many Nick has made? Yep all four. After putting in two years of being the youngest and smallest on the team Nick has reached the top. He is now not the youngest, (not the oldest with a May birthday), and not the smallest (not the biggest cuz...well duh we don't grow 'em big in this family) but definitely the fastest. He also can be seen directing the younger offensive lineman where to be. We are really excited for him this year to have fun while doing some great things. Yea Nick!!! Oh yeah, and this is a picture of Josh trying to look tough. He's doing great too. We'll post more about him next week. I like the gatorade mustache.


  1. These guys been drinknin' some of the Nate Juice? Or have they just served some hard time? Keep up the TD's Nick! Thanks for the pics Christy.

  2. He looks like Adrian Peterson in the end zone, and sounds like he scores just as many. Uncle Clint was not the biggest, but he lit em up on both sides of the ball. I'll talk to Bronco and let him know he needs to head down to Lakeside to recruit in a few years.