Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Trip to Maine

We were able to escape our lives for a long weekend and travel to the mid coast of Maine.  We had beautiful weather and wonderful friends for our trip.  We stayed at quaint Bed and Breakfasts, ate fabulous food, and enjoyed scenes of nature that overwhelmed us.  I think we especially enjoyed the city of Camden, and the sights of Acadia National Park.  But it was all good...We were overwhelmed with the amount of Granite there.  It literally lined the streets in some places.  They used it as curbing.  We walked on a pier that was 7/8 miles long made entirely of granite block.  We were always talking about this throughout the trip and Sharla said  that the residents here "shouldn't take it for granite."  It was funny at the time.  We loved Maine and would love to see more of it someday. Thanks Gardners!

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  1. yea! glad you joined the blogging world! I'm excited to keep up with your fam!